My thesis film, LIKE, is a year long project which I finished in April of 2024 and is the culmination of my studies within Massart's animation program. It has a significantly longer run time then my other films and demonstrates my prowess within the realm of narrative animation I built this film all the way from the concept art and character designs all the way to the final compositing, as well as worked with others for the coloring stage. Overall LIKE is a testimate to all that I've learned at Massart and the growth I've undergone through my studies.

Soul Dragon Hatch ! Frost

Soul Dragon Hatch ! Frost was the project I worked on during all of the spring 2023 semester and it definitely shows a level of fluidity and polish that I had yet to achieve in my older films. For this specific film I emphasized animation over story and part of that was more so getting a jump on the later half of the process by forgoing a storyboard all together and instead focusing on the exact timing of everything. This is a process I have found works better for me especially when accompanied by sound.

Brave Knight

Brave Knight was my animation three final and one of the first big projects that was more than a couple of weeks. It was also my first real experiment with using Storyboard Pro in conjunction with Toonboom Harmony. As you might have noticed compared to my earlier projects, Brave Knight Employs a wider variety of shot types and angles as well as a usuage of value more complex than my other boards. I'm constantly striving to improve my craft and I think the development between my other storyboards and this one is evidence of that.