Brave Knight

Brave Knight was my animation three final and one of the first big projects that was more than a couple of weeks. It was also my first real experiment with using Storyboard Pro in conjunction with Toonboom Harmony. As you might have noticed compared to my earlier projects, Brave Knight Employs a wider variety of shot types and angles as well as a usuage of value more complex than my other boards. I'm constantly striving to improve my craft and I think the development between my other storyboards and this one is evidence of that.

Swamp Siren

Swamp Siren was one of the first two films I completed at Massart. It was my animation one final and shows my more comedic sensibilities in the form of the fishman and the siren who fancies him. A relatively simple film compared to my current work Swamp Siren shows my strengths both at the time and now. Character interaction and animation have been a staple of my work for as long as I've been drawing.

A Visit to Mom

A Visit to Mom was the second of the first two films I completed at Massart. It was my Intro to 2D Digital Animation final and shows off my abilities to tell a more heartfelt and atmospheric story. With this I experimented more with integrating camera movements and loops of animation with regards to the fireflies. I also painted all of the backgrounds myself in Clip Studio Paint.